Within the scope of the new staging of the brand- and website presence two developed a new brand space concept with the aim to address and gain new groups of buyers.

Within the scope of the new staging of the brand- and website presence two developed a new brand space concept with the aim to address and gain new groups of buyers.

The target of the redevelopment was to translate the diversity and quality of the different single brands (among Fila, Elefanten and Puma) as well as the good service to a valuable design of the shop floor,so as to visually transport the international successful marketing concept of the company Deichmann.

The purchase of shoes can never be a rational procedure. Next to good quality of the products and an attractive pricing the customer also demands that shoes represent a fashionable expression of their personality: as a fashion statement shoes become a prestigious object. These emotional and social aspects have been considered in the concept. This way, the purchase of shoes turns into a positive experience that stays strongly in the customer’s mind.
The concept’s central idea is to understand Deichmann as a shopping mall, presenting the different brands and qualities. The creative realization provides for a central walk way structuring the shop space. Side ways, tagged with street signs are assigned to the different brands. Positioned at the central axis, the brands will be presented exemplary through new products. With that, the orientation in the space is given already through the very first visual impression while entering the shop, and the brand diversity will be perceived as an attractive selection. The room’s optical endpoint, the end of the road, is the Deichmann-Lounge with a media wall, summarizing the brand portfolio of the company, e.g. by product films. Known design classics for seating furniture highlight the demand for good design. Furthermore, at the sidewalls of the floor space flexible panels with pictures of current campaigns will be placed, which are quickly changeable and movable and thus reflect the liveliness of the house Deichmann. In a particular children’s area, the KIDs World, the measuring and try-ons of the shoes become a nice experience in an aesthetically and educational demanding environment. The international concept of the brand will be symbolized by globes, which are assigned to the sales counter: the different shoe shops of the brand will be displayed here, and sales will be represented by a light signal.


For the presentation it is important that the different brands will be granted a central role in the performance of the shop floor. This is solved whilst the entire room is designed in subtle colours: in this way the feature brands as well as the coloured shoe boxes and the campaign pictures, but also the alternating pictures of the media wall now step forward visually clear. Varying floor finishes also contribute to the structuring of the room: from smooth timber finishes of the central walk way to the rough rubber floor of the side arms to the deep-pile carpet of KIDs World. Moreover, the customer’s orientation will be simplified by only half high side walks, so the overview of the entire room is possible. The ceiling of the room is painted in a consistent sky blue and thus appears friendly and calm.

Hence the development of the shop floor ties seamlessly on the company’s marketing directions: the connection of style, quality and emotions in a pleasant and easily understandable space highlight the value of these products to the customer. Next to social engagement and the obligation to environmentally sound trade it is becoming impressively clear, that the company Deichmann considers oneself as a brand supplier. In total these measurement contribute to showing the company’s picture to also a new customer group and representing it positively and lastingly.